White Pelicans White Pelicans don't often fly over East Central Indiana, but appearing more frequently each spring. Photos taken at Prairie Creek Reservoir in Muncie, April 2023.
Cuba 2015 I had a unique opportunity to travel to Cuba in the spring of 2015. These photos are highlights from the trip.
Astrophotography Over the years, I've developed an interst in astrophotography.
Macro: Bees I try and use microphotography often when shooting outdoors. I focus on flowers and pollinators. Photos taken in summers of 2019-2023.
Courir de Mardi Gras, Louisianna in 2019 Courir de Mardi Gras, Louisianna in 2019.
Last Day of Fall Last day of fall, 2020.
Indiana Courthouses In the summer of 2013, I photographed all 92+ Indiana county courthouses. These five are my favorite photos of the series. See the whole series here.
Macro: Mushrooms Macro photos of some off-the-shelf mushrooms.